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The Long Hall, Georges Street, Dublin.

This beautiful bar is well worth a visit if you want to experience some Victorian style & atmosphere.Irish Pub Design The Long Hall

It is a protected structure so not much has changed over the years.
It is easily visible on Georges Street with its landmark red & white canopies & shopfront.

There are a few interesting stories about this bar, firstly the name comes from a long hallway that ran along the left hand side of the pub, the main bar was men only until 1951, before that date women were served their drinks seated in the hallway!!
Another story is that in 1966 the owner of the time Patrick O'Brien left his pub to his 6 staff after he passed away, it was later sold when they could not agree whether or not to keep or sell the pub... a very generous boss & what a tribute to his loyal staff!!
The Long Hall features in a Thin Lizzy music video 'Old Town', Phil Lynott sits at the bar having a pint.Irish Pub Style The Long Hall

This pub is simple in layout a long bar to the right divided by beautifully elaborate divider screens,
the bar area & the drinking lounge are separated by a stunning art deco arch with a clock sitting on top of an ornate mirrored & stained glass screen.

The screens detailing is highlighted in a lighter hue, brass rails are at bar height, brass detailing is to be found throughout this pub, contrasting wonderfully with the dark rich timbers.
The back bar is almost fully mirrored, small mirrored pieces even covering the pilasters & shelf fronts, this brightens the long narrow space beautifully, a lovely clock sits at the centre of the back bar.
Over the bar counter & throughout the entire pub the lights are all Victorian in style but all different lamps globe lights, chandeliers & lanterns, I love this quirky detail in this pub!!
The walls are cocooned in a deep red colour as is the embossed ceiling, the different style lights stand out against the red ceiling, a deep dark cornice with gilt highlighting runs around the bar area highlighting the tall elegant ceiling.
The drinking lounge walls are panelled this gives a cosy feel to this dimly lit room, the panelled walls are brightened up by a series of beautiful prints which are throughout the pub.Irish Pub Victorian Style The Long Hall
A red patterned carpet runs throughout this pub & adds to the cosy atmosphere.

The little individual details are what I love most about this pub, the quirky lights, the intricate detailing on the divider screens, the unusual back bar... there is so much to look at!!Victorian style irish pub

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